Things to take away from this

  • Colin Baker defended us when Michael Grade called us all ‘loonies’ for liking Doctor Who.
  • Colin Baker was, in fact, treated like trash by the man who headed the BBC
  • Colin Baker was canned because of politics - nothing to do with his ability as The Doctor (he was great)
  • Doctor Who, in general, had good numbers when it was cancelled. Better than other shows, but Grade had a vendetta against Doctor Who
  • Colin Baker loved the show enough to go on tour to help promote it EVEN AFTER BEING FIRED
  • Colin Baker wasn’t even paid that much for his era. He mainly did the job because he loved it and he believed in the show.
  • Colin Baker STOOD UP to one of the most powerful men in Britain because he knew he was wronged, even when everyone was telling him to lie and say he quit. He even called him a coward.
  • Colin Baker was NEVER given a reason for why he was fired.
  • Colin Baker is a hero among the Who fandom. That people dislike him is simply criminal. Our enemy is Michael Grade.

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Reblog if you love the Sixth Doctor!


Because he’s marvelous fabulous fantastic gorgeous all of the above.


I love seeing the Doctor and one of his companions being adorable in real life.


Goodbye Six, Hello Seven

Just finished The Trial of a Time Lord. I really grew to like love the Sixth Doctor. Now here’s some Six appreciation.

I’m really going to miss him. I will definitely be listening to the Sixth Doctor audios once I have the time. But for now, Hello Seven. :]


Soo I’ve been watching the 6th Doctor…

And haters be damned, I really like him!

The stories themselves aren’t the greatest, but I think as the Doctor Colin Baker is fantastic.

And Peri a little bit too, though sometimes I find it a little painful to watch Nicola Bryant try to do an American accent. She’s decent most of the time though.