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Because he’s marvelous fabulous fantastic gorgeous all of the above.


Doctor Who Challenge

Day 1: Favorite Doctor

This one is kind of hard. Technically, they’re all the same man, but they’re all so different! I decided to go with my Top 3, because I can.

SO, number 1 is Matt Smith. I know, how NuWho of me. But he’s MY first doctor and will always hold a special place with me. I love how he can be dark and scary, but then be like a child 5 seconds later. He’s a great actor and a great Doctor. 

Next is Tom Baker! After I first started watching Doctor Who, I spent a summer watching ALL of Tom Baker’s episodes, and after watching ‘Robot’, I decided to watch the rest of the episodes while crocheting my own 4th Doctor scarf. I finished the episodes before I finished the scarf, but that’s just how much I loved him as the Doctor. He knew how to act eccentric but in control. And c’mon, his breaking the 4th wall every other episode was just adorable.

Last, but certainly not least, is Colin Baker! Very few people love the 6th Doctor, but that’s part of why I love him. He’s an acquired taste. He SO freakin’ sassy, it’s not even funny. He’s able to handle his companions (who can be a handful sometimes, let’s be honest), and he won’t take any of your shit. 

(all .gifs from http://doctorwhogifs.tumblr.com/)


I love seeing the Doctor and one of his companions being adorable in real life.


Goodbye Six, Hello Seven

Just finished The Trial of a Time Lord. I really grew to like love the Sixth Doctor. Now here’s some Six appreciation.

I’m really going to miss him. I will definitely be listening to the Sixth Doctor audios once I have the time. But for now, Hello Seven. :]


Soo I’ve been watching the 6th Doctor…

And haters be damned, I really like him!

The stories themselves aren’t the greatest, but I think as the Doctor Colin Baker is fantastic.

And Peri a little bit too, though sometimes I find it a little painful to watch Nicola Bryant try to do an American accent. She’s decent most of the time though.